The Grand-Pappio of Western Canada’s house and breaks scene, Spilt Milk has been liquefying minds and demolishing dancefloors since many of us were a glimmer in our mama’s eyes. His turntable wizardry and warbly weirdness were spawned in Edmonton’s early 90’s underground, infecting earholes all over the city via Edmonton’s favorite radio show “Catch the Beat” on CJSR. Spilt Milk quickly became a mainstay in Edmonton-Calgary rave scene, throwing raucous parties, promoting his regular club nights, and continually producing mixtapes that eager fans still treasure today. For many years he was a familiar face working the counter at Edmonton’s best record shop, Foosh, telling you what’s what and delivering all the sweetest jams to your record bag.

Spilt Milk toured Western Canada extensively throughout the mid-90s and 2000s playing hundreds of raves – you might even recall dancing uncontrollably to his DJ sets through your Vapo-rubbed haze. Influenced by a variety of hedonistic hobbies Spilt Milk eventually decided to answer the call of the wild-inookshooks and moved to Vancouver in 2002, continuing to play parties and hold residencies all over the city, and beyond. He raised many a raver on his brand of funk/breaks/hip hop/house. As far as Grand-Pappios go, this vinyl junkie represents, lugging his XL record bag from show to show and maintaining only the freshest of wax. Legit.

In 2008 he officially joined the ranks of the Homebreakin’ Records crew – the posse of virtuoso disco/boogie breaks bad boys and infamous party kings. Always and motivated by Homebreakin’ creativity, Spilt Milk has constantly been dabbling with synths and producing new sounds – check out his most recent release “Get With This” with Neighbour on Homebreakin’ Records.

Also, danceflors will have to watch out for ‘Load More Booty’, produced with Neighbour out now on Rat Records!